Felix Maus: The Boy Who Fell

The story of a ten year old who fell from a tall tree, and the travails suffered (and sometimes overcome) by those who love him.


That Saturday

We were living ordinary lives... when the branch broke, and gravity and death were near at hand.

We landed in ICU...

Felix was 10, skull cracked, brain battered, femur crushed, fear everywhere.

..and survived.

Surviving took the longest 11 days of our lives.

Mark Alan Lilly

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Mark has worked in diverse fields such as teaching, writing, drawing blood and hustling money on the stock market.

Survival Guide to ICU

A booklet written by the author for families dealing with a loved one in Intensive Care.

Body Mind Rehab Therapy

A hospital-based program devised by the author to help pediatric patients and their families deal with the struggles of rehabilitation.


Two articles from Dimensions in Critical Care Nursing, found here and here, and an article from the International Journal of Yoga Therapy, found here.

Mindful Communication for Medical Staff

Workshops for doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, to help them stay grounded and clear-minded, and better able to communicate compassionately with patients and families.

Frontline Caregiver Support

This work serves community health workers, therapists, medical staff and others who deal directly patients who are experiencing the effects of significant trauma or illness in their lives.

The Death of Tooth #24

A look at one man's loss of his left lower incisor, at age 40.

"The Boy Who Fell", available May 3, 2014

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